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The General Research Institute focuses on research and development of advanced technology and customer-oriented products as well as building up core competitiveness to makes CathayPhillips Heavy Industry a pioneer of the industry. By providing fundamental research results, the institute supports CathayPhillips Heavy Industry existing technology and products to be the world’s top ones.

The General Research Institute of CathayPhillips Heavy Industry is the primary R&D department for technical research and technical management. It is responsible for developing technology applicable to all products, conducting forefront technical research on new products and setting standards; researching vibration, impact, noise, hydraulic technology, power matching and energy saving, new materialsand control systems, creating innovative technologies and conceptive products and building up a network-based special and generalized platform for experiments and tests so as to share general experiment and test results.

Technology Adopted

Our goal is to be the preferred supplier in our customer industries, collaborating with our customers to continuously improve their competitiveness. Technology is one of the key success factors in achieving this goal, as well as in improving the profitability of our own business.Our future success is based on our ability to offer new solutions to some of the world’s biggest challenges such as mitigating climate change through energy efficiency.Our research and development focuses on environmental technology, technology related to the services business and the development of smart applications. We carry out research and development work in close co-operation with our customers and subcontractors as well as with research institutions and universities.

Challenged Underground Mining

When your equipment can be as far as 2500 metres underground, downtime takes on a whole new meaning. With CathayPhillips lubricants, you can count on maximising your equipment uptime – and your profitability.

Due to their size and operating conditions, LHDs and other earth-moving equipment demand exceptional oils. Yet because these machines are often used on a high-demand cycle at remote locations, they might receive lower levels of maintenance attention. For the best performance, turn to premium-quality CathayPhillips motor oils.You may try our crusher machine and grinding mill plants.

Challenged Resources

The major drawback of a pure steam-based exploitation process is the high-energy intensity. In SAGD, the measure of the energy intensity is the steam oil ratio (SOR), or barrels of steam (cold water equivalent) needed per barrel of oil recovered. In terms of energy values, a quarter barrel of bitumen needs to be burnt to produce a barrel of bitumen. Prior to the natural gas price increases of the last few years, a SOR of 3.0 was considered acceptable. Under the current pricing structure, a SAGD project may have to operate close to a SOR of 2.0 to be attractive. Many innovative technologies have been explored to improve the energy efficiency. For example, cogeneration, where steam is produced as a part of the electricity generation scheme, has been applied. To reduce the dependence on the natural gas supply, steam generation using alternative fuels such as produced bitumen also is being investigated.

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