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Magnetic Separator Conveyor

Heavy metal construction and the best quality elements within the industry make the Microsoft series ready for rugged service requirements. Fill cans into the getting hopper with regard to visible examination and debris elimination. The conveyor buckle carries the containers over a effective permanent magnetic head lever. The actual metal cans as well as tramp ferrous supplies tend to be eliminated automatically while the light weight aluminum cans fall under a pot magnetic separator conveyor or other digesting equipment.

Magnetic Separator Conveyor for Sale India

CathayPhillips magnetic separators will reliably process aluminum and steel cans for years because every design aspect is continuously examined and upgraded to give you the finest machine available today. The magnetic separator is a proven veteran that is built to stream line your operation and increase profits.

Magnetic Separator Conveyor

Magnetic Separator Conveyor

CathayPhillips straight-forward design and construction simplify maintenance and reduces down time.Our magnetic separator is sold to India, Nigeria, Australia ,Saudi Arabia,Indonesia, Pakistan ,Germany,Bangladesh ,America, ,Iran,Malaysia ,Turkey,Italy, Singpore, Chile,Libya, ,Philippines, Angola, Tajikistan, Dubai, Brazilon, Peru ,Mexico,South Africa,Kenya,Algeria ,Eygpt,Ghana ,Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka ,UAE,Zambia ,Vietnam and so on countries.

Magnetic Separator Conveyor for Gold Ore Processing

The Goldfield wet magnetic separator is designed to be incorporated into a jig recovery system to remove magnetite and other magnetic material from a heavy slurry. The system uses a vibrating bed to stratify the slurry and force the heavy gold to the bottom. A permanent magnetic draws the magnetics up to a conveyor belt which carries the magnetics to collection.It is recommended that the magnet material separated be run back through the separator until the final operating parameters are set.Our magnetic separator is used to process iron ore ,copper ore , sandstone, silica , gold ore , silver ore , lead ore , manganese ore , tin ore.

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