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Coal Gangue Vertical Roller Mill

Coal gangue powder mill is often known as a vertical roll mill and applied widely in mining, construction, chemical industry and metallurgy etc. Vertical roller mill is a sort of grinding mill with high-efficient and low energy-consumption after years’ design and development by CathayPhillips.And to settle some technology problem, we company have organized initial-class expert to concentrate on them.Vertical roller mill have better crushing effect to the materials with high-hardness and difficult processing with two sorts of manufacturing without or with moisture. At present ,the Vertical roller mill have opened up the era within the industrial powder manufacturing.

Coal Gangue Vertical Roller Mill

Coal Gangue Vertical Roller Mill

Coal Gangue Vertical Roller Mill Working Principle

The reducer attached to the the surface of main units shall be connected using the central axis to rotate your couplings .And the central axis will drive the grinding roller cradle to rotate along with the roller will be installed the actual cradle to proceed the rolling along using the inner grinding mill .And the coal gangue will probably be entered the feeding hopper your side the surface of the machine and then be scattered about the distributing plate rotating with the central axis.And the actual materials shall be evenly entered the space between the grinding ring and roller and then be discharged out the actual outlet following the grinding and crushing.

Coal Gangue Powder Mill Supplier

Shanghai CathayPhillips Machinery Co., Ltd. is the main providers of vertical roller mill.Over the years we mainly engaged in the production of the crusher, sand making machine,milling machines and other equipment, you buy our machines will buy a satisfaction and ease. If you need to purchase coal gangue powder mill–vertical roller mill, please contact us, we will provide the best quality service.Our Coal Gangue Powder Mill have exported to India, Nigeria, Australia ,Saudi Arabia (uae),Indonesia, Pakistan ,Peru ,Mexico,Colombia ,South Africa,Kenya,Algeria ,Eygpt,Ghana ,Zimbabwe ,Iran,Chile,Malaysia ,Philippines,Sri Lanka ,UAE,Zambia ,Vietnam ,Venezuela ,Canada ,Bolivia,Ecuador, Tanzania ,Turkey ,Kazakhstan and so on countries.

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