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CS Cone Crusher

CS Cone Crusher is a kind of secure crusher , currently the most widely used in the world ,with the characteristics of high quality ,fine products ,even size,long service life ,and high efficiency. And it has found its extensive application in the field of non-metal mining, building materials ,sandstone mining and cement ,etc.

CS Cone Crusher for Feldspar Mines

Feldspar is the most common minerals in the world, and Potassium & Sodium Feldspar has numerous uses from scouring solutions to glassware. 60% our feldspars provide to glass industry, 30% to ceramic industry, others to chemical industry, fiberglass industry and electric welding rod.

CS Cone Crusher

CS Cone Crusher

Our cs cone crusher are used to processing the feldspar mines.CS cone crusher is ideal for aggregates production and mines; secondary, tertiary and fine crushing stages;Stationary and mobile applications;.The compact size and low weight contributes to a high crushing performance. Making the CS Series cone crusher highly popular world wide

CS Cone Crusher Used in Limestone Quarrying

Limestone crushers need limestone crusher equipments. During this process, we usually use jaw crusher, cone crusher, mobile crusher such as limestone mobile crusher, crawler limestone mobile crusher. These limestone crusher (cs cone crusher) are used to crush limestones into smaller particles. According to the different products, we choose the different crushing process for your needs . Our limestone crusher to cs cone crushers are well praised for our customers all over the world.

CS Cone Crusher Bentonite Mining

The Bentonite Mining can supply many matetrials to industry. For Bentonite mining, you need to choose suitable Bentonite crusher or Bentonite grinding machine for mining Bentonite. Here is knowledge about Bentonite mining, Bentonite crusher, Bentonite grinding machine, calcined Bentonite grinding, etc. Welcome to choose us for mining Bentonite . Our cs cone crusher are mainly take as the bentonite crusher machine in the processing.

CS Cone Crusher Working Principle

  • Driven by the electric-motor ,the eccentric shaft bush will rotate with the triangle belt,small and big bevel gear,big bear,transmission shaft.
  • Driven by the eccentric shaft bush ,the cone crusher axis will move circlely ,which makes the mantle close or leave the cone from time to time .And then the materials will be crushed by continuously compacting, striking,and bending in the circle crushing cavity between the fixed and movable cone.
  • After several time’s repeating ,the materials will be crushed to the required size and then they will be discharged by the discharging opening.

CS Cone Crusher Specification

Type Dia.of cone (mm (inch)) Cavity Feed opening (mm) Discharge setting (mm) Capacity (ton/hour) Counter shaft (r/min) Power (kw) Overall dimension (mm)
2ft 600(2′) fine 72 6-38 16-54 575 22 2195×1158 x 1651
coarse 109 9-38 18-68
Extra coarse 109 13-38 23-72
3 ft 900(3′) fine 102 9-22 45-91 580 75 2656x1746x2241
coarse 175 13-38 59-163
Extra coarse 178 25-38 118-163
4 1/4 ft 1295(4 1/4′) fine 137 13-31 109-181 485 155 2809x2354x3156
medium 210 16-38 132-253
coarse 241 19-51 172-349
Extra 259 25-51 236-358
5 1/2 ft 1676 (5 1/2′) fine 209 16-38 181-327 485 220 3911x2870x3771
medium 241 22-51 258-417
coarse 269 25-64 299-635
Extra 368 38-64 431-630
7 ft 2134(7′) fine 278 19-38 381-726 435 315 4613x3251x4732
medium 334 25-51 608-998
coarse 369 31-64 789-1270
Extra 460 38-64 880-1361

Note : Any change of technical data about cs cone crusher shall not be advised additionally.

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